About the MMU FuturesXchange

Manchester Metropolitan University has a strong commitment to connecting employers with students because when these two groups share and exchange their skills and ideas, great things can happen. The business or organisation receives an extra pair of hands and fresh ideas for their projects. The student is able to utilise their skills and apply what they have learnt to the workplace.



For employers, MMU FuturesXchange is a free service that enables you to advertise unpaid work experience projects to undergraduate students in the Business School and Manchester Law School. The projects can vary in length from one day up to 20 working days and can take place throughout the year.

For students, The MMU Futures Xchange is a short term work experience scheme open to all students of the Business School and Manchester Law school. It is designed to be flexible enabling students to work with an employer for usually 1 day a week for up to 20 days. The projects are practical and give students the opportunity to gain meaningful work experience to compliment their studies. In turn this will give students an insight into their chosen career, enhance their cv and give them a reference at the end of the assignment. Working with an employer can also potentially open doors to further long term and paid opportunities. In the competitive graduate market even short term work experience can give students the edge over the competition as well as boost their confidence and professionalism in the process.


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